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Welcome! Garner Rodent Exterminator is a full-service rodent control company specializing in the permanent removal of mice and rats in greater Raleigh, NC. Whether you have a problem with mice in your attic, rats in your walls, or rodents scratching in your house, we can solve it! The key to PERMANENT rodent control lies in our inspection and preventative work - we seal the rats and mice out of your house forever, and we trap and remove them. We do not use poison! We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Some of the services we offer include:

  • 100% Permanent Rodent Eradication
  • House, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative Rodent Exclusion Repairs
  • Rodent Droppings Cleanup in Attic
  • Outdoor Rodent Population Abatement
  • Poison-free Rat and Mouse Extermination
  • Porch, Deck, or Shed Exclusion Barriers
  • Dead Rodent Removal - Walls or Attic

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mouse trapping Garner's Best Rodent Removal: We're a team of rat removal experts, and we've serviced hundreds of homes over our three-year history. We're happy to report that we've been able to help all our customers solve their rodent problem, and that you'll find that many have left stellar reviews online! What makes us so unique is our dedication to being ethical and humane when removing animals. That's one of our reasons for not using poison to remove rats, as we've seen how gruesome the effects can be. Our team of experts opt to use a number of different traps instead. These either allow us to safely relocate the animal or to give it a quick and painless death. Our experience has taught us that our customers benefit from additional services. That's why we offer our clients sanitization, restoration, and exclusion services that will take any rodent infested home and make it as good as new. If you'd like to learn more about these services, then you could always call our helpful call staff. Their job is to receive your call any day of the week, listen to you describe the problem, and offer you the services they think will best solve your problem. They're also great at answering any questions you might have, and they'll even give you a free quote for our services. We're available 24/7, so give us a call if you notice a rat in your home. We're ready and willing to help you in a humane manner.

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We North Carolina's top experts in rodent control. We are not a typical Garner rat removal or pest control company. We don't treat rats or mice like insects, because they are not - they are mammals! You can't just use poison to get rid of them, like you can with insects. Unlike most Garner pest control, we focus on complete and permanent solutions. We don't just use poison every month. We solve your rodent problem forever, by following these steps:

  • Inspect the entire house, ground to roof, and the attic
  • Seal shut all entry areas, no matter how small, with steel
  • Set a dozen or more rat or mouse traps in the house and attic
  • Remove all rodents as they are caught and monitor for activity
  • Once there is no more activity and no more caught, we're done
  • When necessary, we clean rodent droppings, replace insulation, and repair chewed electric wires

Raleigh Rodent Exterminator